The mission of Pesticide Safety on Islesboro (PSI) is to collect and disseminate accurate, current information about pesticides in order to make Islesboro safe for its residents, their pets, their properties, and the island’s wildlife and water. Our work includes ideas for alternatives to synthetic pesticide use.

  • GENERAL INFORMATION - Three tabs above provide information about pesticides and how those made from synthetic chemicals are a potential danger for Islesboro residents and the island’s ecology.

  • ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMICAL USE - PSI has gathered suggestions for safe landscape care into a booklet, Healthy Solutions, Suggestions for Chemical-Free Landscape Care on Islesboro. From the Healthy Solutions tab above viewers may download the booklet or access individual chapters. Printed copies of the booklet have been sent to all box holders on Islesboro. Additional copies are available without charge at the Town Office.

PSI is a standing committee of the Town of Islesboro and has the full support of the Select Board. The Town does not use synthetic pesticides on its properties.

If you have questions, please contact any one of the committee members directly or through the email link below.

Nancy Alexander
Lauren Bruce (Select Board liaison)
Anna Kiers Congdon
Helen Elkins

Linda Gillies (chair)
Marilyn Smith
Jennifer West

Email Pesticide Safety on Islesboro
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