Environmental Risks - Water

Bay Water

There can be no doubt that harmful synthetic chemicals applied to coastal land find their way into bay water. For over two decades, Friends of Casco Bay has been testing water and sediment in Casco Bay, and in recent years pesticides such as bifenthrin and 2,4-D have been found BayScaping helps you grow green lawns that keep Casco Bay blue Since 2014, the State of Maine’s Board of Pesticide Control has had a Water Quality Program, and in 2018 tests revealed pesticides, though they did not exceed the EPA’s allowable level.

Well Water and Aquifers

Many people believe that soil acts as a protective filter which prevents pesticides from contaminating groundwater. An article published by the U.S. Geological Survey in January 2020 indicates that this is not the case and that pesticides can reach water-bearing aquifers. Pesticides in Groundwater